Arabica Organic Coffee (Dark - Medium Fine)

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Arabica Organic Coffee (Dark - Medium Fine)

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Grown with  Scientific Precision Agriculture under the advice of Resurgent Agric 

Coffee Arabica is also known as `Arabian Coffee` or `Mountain Coffee` is a species of Coffea. It is believed to be the first species of coffee and is a dominant cultivar representing about 60% of Global Production. It has a caffeine content of 1.5%. It is grown in higher altitudes of 3000 ft and above in cold environs. It has a smoother, sweeter taste with flavor notes of chocolate and often tones of berries. It helps in weight loss, immunity buildup, and provides energy.

Organic Arabica Green 100%  of Coorg Origin is grown in plantations where Mist plays with rolling hills,rain-washed roads unwind through lush green plantations, swaying silver oaks whisper, gargling brooks murmur and waterfalls come alive during monsoons. Forest of Nagarhole, Bird Sanctuary of Thithimathi, and Elephant camp of Dubare all add to make it a unique habitat where nature caresses and soothes the soul of mankind. It is one among the 25 Global Biodiversity Hotspots.