A few of our frequently asked questions:

1. What is normal delivery period ?
A. We ship orders from Monday through Friday. If you order before 10 am , we'll ship your order out the same day.  Otherwise, your order will ship on the next upcoming working  day. Normally our products reach customers pan India with in 4 to 7 days . 
2. How does freshness relate to coffee quality?  
A. Coffee has bio-molecules, proteins, lipids, caffeine, chlorogenic acids and sugar etc. Aromas, flavours and tones of coffee undergo change after roasting and grinding with efflux of time . So we freshly roast and grind coffees regularly and send you in packets which have gusset valve for release of C02 .
3. What is product range of your coffees?
A. We use Arabica and Robusta coffees and their blends . Our product range is connecting the discerning coffee connoisseurs  to heritage coffees of India of various origins with flora and fauna in high elevations of western ghats .
4. What does “Resurgent Agric” stand for ?
A. Resurgent Agric stands for cultivation based on sustainable and precision agriculture taking care of all stakeholders in the value chain .We leverage emerging Agri and Food Tech and best practices  in cultivation of coffee by dexterous  and trained workers .  
5. What’s the best way of storing coffee?
A. It is important to roast and grind coffee at the correct moisture levels which we ensure. Co2  adversely effects the taste of coffee so our packages are fitted with gusset valves which emit the gas. The cut of the coffee beans is done in a skilled manner so that there is no damage to the beans. Grinds and roasts have varying combinations and there is a Bio-science which explains the tastes, aromas and flavours and brewing process for optimum results which we practice and educate our customers through our blogs .
6. Is it safe to buy coffee online?
A. Yes, it is safe to buy online . We follow best practices through out the coffee cultivation from Earth to Hearth . Your payments also to us are thru secure encrypted protocols and you can track deliveries after the order is booked.
7. Are your products authenticated?
A. At each stage of value addition to coffee ,we  follow precision agriculture and take care of FSSAI stipulations . The origins of our coffee are from western ghats which are United Nation declared Biodiversity Global hot-spots .Some of these locations are GI Tagged as well. Thee plantations have two layered shade canopies provided by thick forests and derive earthy undertones of flavours and aromas from the unique flora and fauna of these terrains .Coffee has been grown since last several centuries in these  misty undulated hills amidst lush green forests and gargling brooks and Coffee Research centers train the  local tribals and farmers with most scientific and dexterous methods of coffee cultivation.
8. How can I place an order of Resurgent Agric products ?
A. Explore our product collection, choose the products that you want to purchase and click on the “Add to Cart” Button
Next, you will be redirected to your shopping cart page. Click on “Place Order” button and you will be required to make payment for your order. Alternatively, you can click on “Continue Shopping” button if you want to add more products in the shopping cart.
Enter your details, such as your name, email ID, contact number, and shipping and billing addresses. Now, proceed to payment.
Select the preferred payment mode and complete the payment.
You will get an email for confirmation on the email address shared while placing the order.
9. What are the methods of payment I can use while shopping on Resurgent Agric?
A. We have an integrated Razorpay gateway which accepts standard Digital Payment methods attached to Razorpay.
10. Is it safe to pay with debit/credit card?
A. Yes, you can pay with debit/credit card without security concerns. Our website integrates a secure payment gateway which uses the latest SSL encoding technology for the encryption and decryption of the data sent through it. This ensures that all the vital information including card details is neither stored nor visible to other entities.
11. Do I have to pay shipping charges?
A. We pay for the shipping charges .
12. Are there any hidden costs?
A. You may only what you see and click to pay.
13. Can I pay cash on delivery?
A. All purchase on www.resurgentagricstore.com is on a prepaid basis. We will not be accepting cash on delivery.
14. Who do I contact in case of any queries?
A. In case of doubts and  queries or any enquiry about your order, please get in touch with our Customer Support Team through Contact Us page.